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Windows of Opportunity: The Decalify Youth Enterprise Story

In the heart of our city, an inspiring business venture is taking shape, spearheaded by a group of Te Aratai College students. Meet Decalify, an entrepreneurial endeavour that’s making waves with its cultural window decal designs and fully youth-run business model. They are currently working on design decals for the large, windowed areas of our very own Papa Hou building, which is set to open in November. This awesome youth-run business is made up of five students from Te Aratai College including Connor Armstrong (16), Tom Rhodes (17), Kade Shrives (18), Mark Le’mon (17), and Blake Williams (17).

Tom Rhodes, the 17-year-old Chief of Operations, emphasizes the significance of their contract with The Kind Foundation’s new development. He shares, “We’re thrilled to be part of this project. It’s a massive opportunity for Decalify.”

Decalify’s inception traces back to their participation in the Young Enterprise Scheme Dragon’s Den Pitch. Their unique business idea and meticulous plan propelled them to victory in the Canterbury region competition. This triumph led them to the 4C Centre, where they found their mentor, Clark Williams. Under Clark’s guidance, they honed their skills in designing, printing, cutting, and expertly applying decals to windows. Their partnership with Clark is now central to their latest project, the stunning new building.


In their journey to success, the Decalify team also acknowledges their teacher, Richard Jolly, who introduced them to the world of business and played a pivotal role in their company’s inception.

What sets Decalify apart as business is their values: cultural identity, quality control, and integrity. These values are not just words but guiding principles that infuse every aspect of their work. Their motto, “Tukuna Ki Te Ao,” which means “spread to the world,” exemplifies their cultural focus. Their mission is clear: to make culture more visible by installing cultural decals on the windows of public buildings.


Decalify stands as a testament to the remarkable potential of the next generation and their dedication to cultural preservation. The Decalify team embodies the spirit of seizing opportunities, setting an inspiring example for young people. Their story is also one of inspiration for adults and established businesses – when you offer opportunities to budding talents, the results can be remarkable.

Stay up to date with Decalify’s business ventures via their Facebook page here.




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