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Our Life Fit programme offers you qualified, experienced and caring instructors who deliver group classes catering for mature participants or those new to exercise. The Life Fit programme isn’t just a programme, it is a community for like-minded older adults to move their bodies together in a fun, safe, friendly and social environment.

Our group classes are designed to:
> be fun and inclusive
> keep you agile and active
> improve and maintain your fitness and mobility
> provide social opportunities to meet new people

Our group class options include aerobic, resistance, flexibility, and balance training for all ages, stages and abilities.

Group Class Prices

Life Fit casual session $7
10 Life Fit concession visits $65
20 Life Fit concession visits $130

Sit and Be Fit casual session $5.50
10 Sit and Be Fit concession visits $50


Life Fit Info and Classes

We advise you to check with your GP before embarking on any exercise programme. It is vital that you inform your instructor of any ailment or medical condition you may have before the start of each session (high blood pressure, diabetes, angina, asthma etc).  Should you be dependent on medication, we expect you to carry your medication on your person for your safety. We recommend you wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing, eg shorts or trackpants with a t-shirt, with safe comfortable shoes.


Life Fit Stretch and Tone

Suitable if you are wishing to begin an exercise programme; gentle aerobics to warm-up the body and mobilize the joints, then gently strengthening, toning and stretching the muscles.

Life Fit Circuit

Cardiovascular and muscle strength exercises. Provides weight bearing exercises essential in the prevention of osteoporosis.

Sit and Be Fit

For people new to exercise with limited mobility, a fun chair-based work out to music which aims to improve muscle strength, heart / lung fitness, joint flexibility and balance.

Life Fit Step/Pump

A combination of two popular class styles that gives you a balanced strength and cardio workout – it’s also a lot of fun!

Life Fit Step

Provides a cardiovascular workout together with hip, leg and upper body strength and muscle tone.

Life Fit Exercise to Music

Low impact cardiovascular exercise to music, provides strengthening of all major muscle groups, mobilizing of the spine and all the joints, and gentle stretching.

Life Fit Pilates

Gentle Pilates for Older Adults or those with mobility problems. Completion of an Introductory course is essential before attending Level 2 classes; see separate brochure for details

Pryme Movers

A gym-based session for members and non-members, working on your own programme in the fitness centre under caring guidance from an instructor and in the company of other Life Fit members. Selected times only. Class payment required for non-members.

Life Fit Spin

Stationary bikes are used to get a cardio workout without stressing the joints. Ideal for older adults and beginners who are keen to improve their fitness and/or to lose weight through Spin.

Zumba Gold

Modified Zumba moves to captivating Latin music designed to suit seniors or those just starting to exercise. A fun, low-impact way to improve heart and lung fitness and coordination.

Life Fit Tone

A low impact aerobics class that builds your strength and stamina with specific muscle conditioning phases. The class changes week to week so your body can benefit from a variety of exercises and equipment while a supportive and motivating instructor guides you through each exercise.



Life Fit Timetable - City



Life Fit Timetable - Bishopdale



Please observe the following gym etiquette:
  • All members must bring a towel with them to ALL classes/workouts.
  • If you are sick or unwell please stay home.



p 03 359 8320 e elevate@thekindfoundation.org.nz

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