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The The Kind Foundation offers a wide range of after school recreational activities to cater for those of all ages and abilities, during school term time.


Bishopdale Recreation Centre

With the invention of the game of basketball, it is no surprise that we run a great basketball training and development squads for children, as well as a competition league.

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Bishopdale Recreation Centre

Our gymnastics programmes are designed to help children develop their motor skills, confidence and body awareness – for children aged 1 to 16 years.

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Adventure Centre

Students will learn and develop skills in basic climbing technique and the safe belaying of others.  We have programmes are both Clip ‘n Climb and on the Climbing Wall.

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Adventure Centre


Sign up to our archery club and learn the skills, techniques and practice to get you on target! Our instructors will teach you all you need to know to get you shooting accurately – it’s a lot of fun!

Click HERE for more information about our Archery programme




Bishopdale Recreation Centre

Our fun Jazz Hip Hop classes are based upon the joy and fun of dance, whilst increasing co-ordination and learning fun dance moves – for those aged of 5-12 years.

Click HERE for more information about our Dance programme


Bishopdale Recreation Centre

Children are guided through a series of yoga postures and movement techniques to support them in becoming calmer, focused and wiser.

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Offering a wide range of fitness activities for all ages and abilities

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Fully licensed Early Learning Centre in Bishopdale for 3mths to 5yrs

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Join our technology centre – created specifically for young people

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