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Here at Wainui Park Camp we offer a wide range of advanced, technical, non-technical and evening activities, as well as a range of activities for those wanting a little more challenge and adventure.

3 Hour Activities

Instructor-Led – double slots
High Ropes

Wainui activity 1
This is perfect for groups who want to build up trust, co-operation, responsibility and communication. It is also great for individual goal setting, confidence and self-awareness.


Wainui activity 6
Adventure capital! We are going on, around, in and under the coastline with its rocks, seaweed, bird life, sea life, and constantly changing sea.


Great for a personal challenge and achievement, building self-esteem and trust. This is on-site incorporating a climb by staples, followed by an abseil down.


Our sessions are run on flat ocean water, giving you the opportunity to see the amazing Akaroa Harbour from another perspective.

Giant Swing

It’s all in the name! Campers can choose from 0m to as high as 17.5m! The rest of the group help pull to the chosen height so you can see the amazing view over the bay to Akaroa.


This is a traditional mountaineering technique used to cover wide gaps in cliffs or canyons. Students will build their own over the creek under the supervision and guidance of an instructor!


1.5 Hour Activities

Instructor-Led – single slots

Wainui activity 2
Great introduction to the correct, basic techniques in order to promote success as well as bring out each other’s competitive side.

Low Ropes

wainui activity 5
Low ropes is a series of activities and challenges that require co-operation, communication, trust, planning and being a reliable team member.

Raft Build

Wainui activity 3
Work as a team and staying dry is the goal! This involves strategic thinking, decision making and communication but above all, team work.

Flying Fox

Wainui activity 10
We have quite a ride beginning at the top end of our small valley and speeding down past the trees. Instructors will incorporate fun challenges along the way.


Learn the basics of sea safety and get a taste of the underwater world which will give confidence and interest in returning to it. (1.5 hour slot if self-drive to the site and back).

Flying Kiwi

The flying kiwi is a high ropes experience where the team works together to hoist the “Kiwi” in the air.






1.5 Hour Activities

Self-Led or Instructor-Led – single slots

Wainui activity 20
This activity is designed to provide high levels of success, teamwork and enjoyment using simple map reading skills.


Plan and prepare a search team, collect clues and learn to track a person in the wilderness. Build and test your own rescue stretcher.

Shelter Build

Wainui activity 22
Build your own survival shelter out of natural resources.

UHF Radios

Wainui activity 21
While learning to use walkie-talkie radios the participants explore the camp and play games.


This is a series of games and challenges for the team, emphasising cooperation, communication, trust and planning.




Whole Camp Activities

Challenge Event

Wainui activity 13
A series of challenges given to the group emphasising co-operation, communication, trust and planning.


Wainui activity 12
This is a large group game emphasising co-operation, communication, trust and planning.

Guided Walk
Tramp to Camp

From Tikao Bay to the Wainui Park, this tramp is a perfect entry level tramp with a good mix of hard work and rewarding views.

Guided Walk Scenery Nook

A short drive from camp out to The Heads to a wee spot called Scenery Nook where the magic speaks for itself. This is full day tramp.

Camp Fire

Wainui activity 9
Singing, socialising, skits and stories around a campfire is a time honoured and much loved tradition at camp.



Certified under Outdoors Mark and registered with WorkSafe to operate ALL Adventure Activities

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